A Beautiful Visitor

Today we had a little visitor A certain someone very beautiful……… I was reminded, that sometimes you need to take a leap of faith… And that sometimes, that leap might be bigger than you had expected….. You need to keep your wits about you at all times…. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet….. […]

Keishi Pearl Bracelet

We live at the very end of a narrow and very leafy pathway. Most of the time, I love being tucked away where we can’t be seen. However on a cold wintery, wet night, when I am struggling down the path with my groceries, I am not as enamoured with it! At the moment, there […]

Silver Flower Earrings

These earrings are made using handmade pure silver flowers that I source from a fair trade collective in Thailand. Tucked inside, completing the flower is a Swarovski crystal teardrop. This particular one is a deep plum, but these earrings can be made using a colour of your choosing. Contact me to discuss your options. The […]

Silver Disc Cluster Necklace

I’ve made this  cluster in one of my favourite colour combinations, sky and sea blue, rich chocolate browns and olive green. The star of the show is the large brushed silver disc, above which I have clustered interesting components, peacock freshwater and keishi pearls, a faceted smoky quartz disc and complementary colours of Swarovski Crystals. […]

Wire Bundle Earrings

I finally have some photo’s of these wire bundle earrings that I am happy with and so have added them to the site! They are made out of two 2 sterling silver wire balls. The wire has been wrapped into a round circle and soldered in several places for additional strength and   they hang […]

White Pearl Necklace

I was asked to make a white pearl necklace by a regular client as a birthday gift for his wife. I made her a bracelet for Christmas and apparently she wears it constantly and wanted a necklace to match. I’ve used a range of sizes of white pearls and scattered them along the length of […]

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